Where is Andrés Eloy Blanco?


Andrés Eloy Blanco is a municipality (the closest thing to a county) in the state of Lara, in the country of Venezuela. It is named after a famous Venezuelan poet. Venezuela lies at the northern end of South America. The state of Lara is primarily agricultural. The “county seat” and major town in Andrés Eloy Blanco is Sanare (Sah-NAH-ray).

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Andres Eloy Blanco

Surface area 708 Km2.
Population 49,812. in three parishes: Pío Tamayo parish including municipal seat Sanare has 22,761 inhabitants. Yacambú parish has 8.551 inhabitants and La Quebrada de Honda del Guache parish has 5.222 inhabitants.

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Interesting projects: Grassroots participatory research for organic agricultural production and biocontrol of pests in partnership with Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrícolas. Potato seems to be the other main crop after coffee.

There seems to be a prevalence of Chagas disease, something to look into at delegation time.

Sanare Church


Members of REPEM – Red de Educacion Popular de Mujerese de America Latina y el Caribe (Latin American and Caribbean Women’s Popular Education Network). Both organizations are involved with Women’s issues, sustainable production and eco-tourism and eco-parks and “peasant knowledge” – preserving, integrating and reintroducing traditional techniques and knowledge to agricultural production

Asociación Civil MONCAR –

Asociación Civil 8 de marzo. Contact: Gabriela Carrera. 8demarzo@cantv.net. Palo Verde, Lara State
Zaira María Villegas CarreraCalle Centro de Acopio, sector Palo
0253 – 4490550

Community Radio Station
Sanareña Radiodifusión Sonora
Andrés Eloy Blanco
Pio Tamayo 94.5 MHz Ramón Contreras
Sector Loma Curigua,
0414-5519598 /
0414-5519737 /
0414-5503866 /

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