Meeting Agenda, 8/7, 5pm

Hi all,
Tonite is our DASA meeting at Michelangelo's.

It sounds as though at least these items are on the agenda

-review To-Do list from last meeting:
partners in VZ
web site
whatever else
-plan for coffee sales
-next steps for Delegation planning
-non-delegaton outreach in the community
-Invitation from Barb Olsen re David Lippman event
-shall we designate regular meeting times for Fall?

Here are the June minutes:

o To Andres Eloy Blanco- "we're married" Should come from
Kathleen Falk {Juscha}
o Coffee co-op or co-op coalition {Charity}
o Get sign on from locals- including Larry
o We all write letters to our supervisors letting them know
we're involved {all}

Identify VZ Allies
o VZ Contacts- who needs to get letters? What are they going to
do on their end? How will decisions be made? {Charity}
o Organization in VZ? Develop relationship with ngo there,
identify allies for delegation
o Research on VZ orga {Martin}
o Local VZ college/education

Travel- pilot visit
o Email to DASA/googlegroup/CALA (Martin}
o Talk to embassy (who, support) {Charty}
o Matt Early? or Coleen from Just Coffee {Martin}
o Kelly Germond? {Juscha}
o Patrick from Witness for Peace
o Charity {as soon as Thanksgiving for a week or longer in January)
o GOAL: Figure out person by August 1st
o Patrick Barrett of Havens {Juscha}

County Liasion {Juscha}
o Contact Hendrick
o Bret Hulsey
o Richmont

Co-op Connections in DANE list {Anne}

Liberty Tree Participants {Juscha}

Press release in Spanish {Charity will stay on task with Martin from consulate}

Email admin- coordinate lists (Charity will give 6-3-08 list to Martin)

Latin American Music Event- CALA August 8th at Centro Hispano- use
for promotion {Martin}

Coffee Questions {Charity emailed Matt}

o set up blog software {Carol}
o Scan AEB letters {Charity}

Immediate steps (above)
o knowledge, allies, info gathering, pilot trip person
o email announcements

Long term Ideals
o Initiate multiple projects at once
o First- someone from Dane go to VZ- pilot trip, find allies
o Identify possible speakers to come here
o Use local politics as a benefit, not a crutch
o Avoid aid situations

Parking Lot
o Proclamation in VZ media

o Juscha will send out