Minutes, 8/7/08

DASA 8/7/08
Attending- Juscha, Carol, Charity, Mark, John, Matt, Martin, Lisa

Discussion of possible options for logistics.
Who to visit? Coffee Co-op. Community radio station. National park in foothills of Andes there (tourism infrastructure)
For VZ arrangements, go through consulate to mayor to local groups

Need rural local connections/flavor- need to expand to rural folks in Dane County

Coffee Sales
100-120 bags . good for 3 months. Sell $10, number bags like art prints- one of a kind will never exists. Sell at La pena August 8th event. Charity will bring pics/board. Martin will bring flyers. Martin will pick up coffee. Also sell at Orton Park-August 26th,

Plug into other events to sell by the cup. Send 10 to Consulates (Boston and Chicago). John P can sell at Tuesday Farmers Market

Need small flyer/card to distribute with coffee- promote/describe project, fundraising aims- Martin

Mark- website page with coffee info. Matt will send him label. Ordering, can pick up at Just Coffee

Register domain name (CALA points to Dane-Andres)- Mark, with coffee page- Carol, Mark will ask Just coffee staff to make page pretty. Carol will create email.

Matt will make invoice for DASA to pay $1 per bag of coffee

George Shrub event with Mad-Rafah sister city) requests a 3-way sponsorship (and Arcatao) of event - comedian David Lippman,- (september 13th, 14th, 15th). We need to help with promotion (could sell coffee if any left).

Non-delegation outreach- need to make up brochure for general and rural outreach/promotion- Carol

Regular meetings- every 1st and 3rd thursday of every month

List of folks who participated in VZ ambassador visit (liberty tree folks), we will invite them to join listserv