Minutes of 9/2 DASA meeting

-Signed a welcome letter from DASA to AEB.

-Will take next steps on a letter from Dane County to AEB.

-Brief discussion of possibly January delegation and how to facilitate.

DASA will share the CALA Post Office box
PO Box 1565
Madison, WI 53701

-Agenda and meeting reminders (Carol) (Meeting at Michelangelo's 1st
and 3rd Tuesdays,
9/2 and 9/16, 10/7 and 10/21, 11/4 and 11/18)
-Minutes coordinator (Charity)
-Fielding email inquiries on behalf of the group
(info@dane-andres.org) (Charity)
-Coffee person and money. (Carol via CALA, coffee@dane-andres.org)
-Web site updates (Marc)
-County Board Liaison (Juscha with John's help. J to contact Mark Optiz)
-Delegation Coordinator (Charity)

Once AEB gets a letter from DASA, they can set up a
committee to receive a delegation. So they can act to a large extent
as our in-country hosts. The Coffee coops have been the main drivers
and worked very hard to export the coffee.

DASA will act as a people-to-people conduit, focusing on non-governmental relationships.

vz.calamadison.org can be used for general discussion. Google Group will still be the core

NEXT MEETING 9/16/08, 5pm, Michelangelo's.