Next DASA meeting Tuesday, 9/16

Hi everyone
The next DASA meeting is the 3d Tuesday, that being next TUesday, 9/16.

The regularly scheduled time is 5:00 and the regularly scheduled
place is Michelangelo's coffeeshop on State.

I will not be able to attend, but I wanted to send this draft Agenda
and ask someone to take minutes.......

Please see the minutes of the last meeting as a reference for what was covered.

Items that I think would be on the next agenda would include:

-The email lists should be sorted out now. Everyone from the Google
Groups is on the general CALA Venezuela list, which is at This includes Vz government staff. The
Google Group (which this is going to) does not include government

-Confirmation that letter to Co-ops went to AEB, translated (Charity
and Martin)

-Charity was going to be in touch with Omar's referrale (D James) in
Sanarae to get advice on having a delegation.

-Once we are in touch with AEB's official sistering committee, we can
float delegation dates and see what works for both places (Charity is
nominal delegation coordinator)

-Check in on the status of the lightbulb project? Jesus wrote that
communciation with Fravia has been challenging. Carol sent an email
to Bryant at Sustain Dane explaning (what I knew about) the Fravia
situation (her being the nominal ambassador's scheduler). I will
forward to the group when I hear back from him.

-Any other local outreach DASA can be doing before late November?
Creating alliances? Locating rural partners?

-other items

That's what I can think of.