Join a delegation to our sister county in Venezuela!

As of June 2008, Dane County has been growing a relationship with the
municipality Andres Eloy Blanco. We're like fraternal twins,
separated by the Caribbean and, oh, the rest of the United States.
Seriously, Andres Eloy Blanco and Dane County share a rich
agricultural economy and tradition of cooperatives. They grow coffee,
we drink coffee. They are a cultural center in Venezuela, Dane County
more than holds its own. For all involved, our goal is to foster
deep, local, people to people relationships with our sisters and
brothers in Andres Eloy Blanco. Most importantly, we seek to cut
past the inflammatory headlines and political posturing, and engage in
meaningful exchange of ideas and experiences.

Besides, you've always wanted to go to South America. Well, we're
going in 2009.

Interested in learning more? We are starting to organize a
delegation to our sister county, and are seeking input from Dane
County residents. Come to a informative, interactive gathering to
discuss what a delegation would look like and to learn about our
sister county. We'll also have coffee for sale - the beans were
donated to us by our sister coffee farmers, the roasting was donated
by local cooperative Just Coffee, and the proceeds go toward our

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Starting 6 p.m. (done by 8)
Escape Coffeehouse, 916 Williamson St in Madison.

We look forward to seeing you there.


The Dane - Andres Eloy Blanco Sistering Alliance (DASA) Crew